My Story

Hello! If you are here, it means you are in the same position I was in a few years back – confused and clueless!

Clueless about how to answer the children’s queries on growing up & sex in a language that they actually understand and confused as to whether it is the right age to talk to them!


I had taken a sabbatical from my job at a top advertising agency to raise my sons whilst freelancing as a writer. It was about 3-4 years later that the first question came out of the blue and hit me on the face. Others followed soon behind and i found myself gasping for breath. I did not want to avoid their questions, nor did i want to give them half baked answers. I was adamant about being honest with my children because I felt like I couldn’t have them growing up not knowing the truth about themselves and their bodies.

Thus started my round of bookstores, but the books were very adult oriented. At that point of time, there was not much material available for a child – which answered their questions in a child friendly manner.

So i decided to take the bull by the horns and pen a book myself.

Thus started my journey in this fascinating world of sex education and before i knew it, i was hooked! 2 years later in 2011, armed with a Sex Educator Certification and hours of extensive research and development of creative tools, I launched my sex education company UnTaboo.

Since then, we have been recognized as a Pioneer in Sexuality Education in India and have been featured in Times of India, Wall street journal, Midday, Al Jazeera and Radio One, to name a few.


UnTaboo is a Mumbai based company dedicated to Sex- Sexuality & Safety education for Kids, Teens and Parents ( Our aim is to talk to children in a manner which is not only informative, but also very interesting and motivating.  Thus we use creative tools to impart Sexuality & Safety education in the most child-friendly way through our mind unblocking talks, workshops and Play. Our mission is to help children develop positive attitudes in order to build empathy and healthier relationships. 

I also do Mind Unblocking Talks and Stand-up comedy shows for parents & adults to help them break the walls of silence and untaboo sex education. My book on sex education for children, ‘How did I get my Belly Button’, is another attempt to help children and parents get over their embarrassment and tackle the subject together.


I struggled with answering my children’s queries on their body, growing up and sex. I understand that these conversations can be so awkward and tough on the parent as well as on the child. It can also be so confusing as to what to say, when to say, how much to say and how to say.

I hope to make AnjuKishBlogs a one-stop destination which tackles these topics in a way that can be easily understood, retained and practiced by people of all ages and genders alike. Through this blog, we will talk about Pubertal changes and how to cope with them. We will also discuss Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Health. The blog also covers crucial topics pertaining to Personal Safety. This blog is to help you open the doors of communication with your child. Its an attempt to make those conversations easier and help raise a generation of well informed and responsible young kids.